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Your SSE Couch

Hi there friends! My name is Sharon Frame.

I help CEO's, Corporate Executives, and High-Level Business Clients:

  • Master their English public speaking skills

  • Communicate with power & passion, and

  • Excel in today's multinational marketplace... where English Is The Global Language. 

Here is why you can trust me as your High-Performance English Coach:

I am a U.S. native English expert who:

  • Coaches ESL/EFL Speaking clients & university students in North and South America.

  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication (Journalism) from  U.S. university-Emerson College.

  • Obtained a Masters Degree in EFL Teaching from Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (one of Ecuador's top universities)

  • Works as professor of Superior Speaking at Centro de Educación Continua -Escuela Politécnica National in Ecuador.

  • Taught at Fulbright's English Academy in Quito, Ecuador.

  • Won multiple awards in the U.S. for public speaking and for news journalism, both local & national while, working for CNN.

  • Trained business CEO's, managers, politicians, and high-performers on high-level speaking in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

  • Authored 5 books as well as serving as expert copy writer, copy editor. 

  • Published writings in the U.S and wrote academic research article published in PUCE University periodical in Ecuador.

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Contact Us!

I'm always looking for exciting opportunities to help eager, committed and high-level learners master their English conversation craft.           

Let's connect!

+1 678 602-2899 (WhatsApp)

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